You know, as most of Oklahoma's animals are either prey for hunters or livestock for farmers, the few zoos we have are somewhat special. Sure, you used to be able to check out the tigers over in Wynnewood, but rumor is it's closed. There was another tiger place in Tuttle, Tiger Safari or something like that, but in the wake of the Joe Exotic saga, we've all learned to stay away from the weird people raising big cats... so where does that leave us? Yeah, OKC has their famous zoo, but it's suffering during the pandemic, forced to close their cool indoor exhibits to the public because there's not enough room to social distance in there. Plus, I'm fairly sure you can't pet the animals at the zoo. At least, by the time you get close enough, a sharpshooter will fire a shot into an animal, creating yet another Harambe situation... So what do you do?

GraysLland Acres Llama and Goat Farm.

It's literally a working farm that doubles as a petting zoo open year round. For the most part, these fine Oklahoman's raise their goats and llamas for things like milk and yarn. I found out about it doing a little holiday shopping because one of my relatives suffers terribly from eczema, and the only soap that doesn't bring on the attack is goat soap. They don't live very far from this place, so naturally I have to tell you about it too. Not the eczema soap thing, the fact that you can roll up and start petting on animals totally used to being petted on.

It's a bit of a drive from Lawton, located in Pryor. Tickets are dirt cheap, looks like a ton of fun, and you're sure to have a blast rolling around with some baby goats. Follow this link and click on Farm Tours.

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