Every year, we seem to have the same debates across the studios here in downtown Lawton. "What is the quintessential holiday movie for Christmas" is a question that is highly argued, and with little to no middle ground. It's the same extremely varied backgrounds, upbringings, and generational gaps that make us a great diverse team that has us all fighting this time of year.

You see, for our holiday luncheon, we all take a vote on what movie shall play in the background. The typical suggestions are thrown out there every year... A Christmas Story, Elf, the old-timey claymation stories, A Charlie Brown Christmas, etc... There's even one person who insists that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and while it's fun to debate that in itself, Bruce Willis settled that argument a while ago.

There are so many Christmas movies out there, but there is can only be one 'Best Christmas Movie' crowned, and it's obviously National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's a good mix of mostly kid friendly comedy mixed into something you can watch with the entire family, or your group of friends. The one-liners are great, the slapstick is great, the story-line is perfect, and you don't have to put up with an annoying Russ or Audry. Everything just works, and that's why it's the only movie you really need to consider 'mandatory' this holiday season.

If you find it a little too mainstream, or you've seen 57,000 times and can't bear it again, there's always Santa Claus VS The Devil... It's the weirdest take on Christmas I think we'll ever have until they finally make that Belsnickel movie.

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