If you experience motion sickness, you might have a pass on this one. I honestly had no idea that R/C helicoptering was such a sport. And it's a really large sport. Sure, there's some popularity here in the US, but around the world, it's like Soccer. Every modern country is in on it. After watching the skillz, you understand why.

Growing up, I saw my fair share of R/C piloting. My small Mayberry of a town had an R/C airstrip called GOOF's Field. There was, and still is a club of people that meet up when the weather permits to fly their incredibly built remote controlled aircraft. I don't ever remember seeing helicopters, so this might be somewhat new. I would Google the history of the sport, but come one... it's R/C helicopters. If you're interested enough, you can seek it out yourself. I just thought this was interesting and have to blog at least ten posts each week.

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