Meet Mark Robinson. A Greensboro, North Carolina resident who just happened to attend a city council meeting. The back story is this... with the national debate on guns going on, the Greensboro city council played with the idea of cancelling a nearing gun show due to political pressure. As this meeting about the gun show was open to the public, as it should be, Mark decided to attend.

He sat there, listening to the arguments being made by fellow constituents. Some for, others against, and found the inspiration inside himself to step up and be heard. He then delivered an improvised speech on his rights as an American. As you can probably feel, his passion for our collective rights run deep. Especially considering Mark isn't a gun owner. He cares for his right, not his gun. Two things that are related, but not exclusive.

As Mr. Robinson makes it around the country through various interviews, becoming somewhat of a 2nd Amendment hero, lets hope he doesn't turn out to be crazy. He could do a lot of good in the fight to preserve rights that belong to every citizen.

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