I've been saying it all along and I'm going to keep driving it into the ground, this pandemic has brought all of the creative people out of the hidden corners of the world. This guy, guessing his name is Jack from the channel name, remixed, overdubbed, enhanced, and pirated some of the greatest creativity I've seen in six weeks to make this pandemic soundtrack seem real... and it does. I can totally see the "Now That's What I Call" people making an album like this full of really OK marginal hits.

We've seen Facebook hop on it... In a time when companies are struggling, Zuckerberg's brainchild found a way to make money and provide concerts (recorded performances) to all the fans complaining that there aren't any concerts... Though, I suspect it won't be a popular move among rockers. We don't go to shows to hear music, we go to feel the energy and slam dance with new friends. It's just not a good time until you've broken your nose in a pit. Then again, I've been wrong before underestimating the silent majority in our humble little genre. Either way, a double slice of pie to this Jack dude for making me laugh quietly to myself.

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