Another winner from 5secondfilms YouTube channel! Watch this epic magnum opus of film making simply titled: "Timmy's Dying Wish." It's a moving, sweeping journey of the human condition, love, family, life, desperation and a dying child's wish that's sure to hit you square in the feels!

How do they do it? In just a short five seconds these film makers can capture the full range of human emotion, beautiful. At first I was hesitant in that I wasn't sure I could commit to the time, but luckily I had a spare five seconds and hit play. I was also concerned that the ending would leave me empty and sad, I mean it's about a dying person's wish after all. I was prepared for an emotional rollercoaster and to witness a tearful ending.

I'm so relieved that it had a happy ending. What a triumph, masterfully done! As fast paced as our lives are these days and as short as our attention spans are it's great that we have filmmakers that understand. We can all spare five seconds without the risk of being bored or distracted. Even if we don't like the film, it's five seconds who cares. Now if we can just get Hollywood on board. Imagine how this could forever change binge watching...

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