A new law in Oklahoma will now require all high school students to take and pass the U.S. Citizenship Test in order to graduate with a full standard diploma. (HB 2030) was signed into law by Governor Kevin Stitt earlier this week along with other legislation. The new law has caused quite a bit of controversy as it puts more strain on educators and students across the state. Some say this will help students gain a much better understanding of our county, history and the inter-workings of our government. Others say another standardized test required to graduate will just encourage more student drop outs and "test teaching."

HB 2030 was authored and introduced by Representative Terry O’Donnell (R) and Senator Adam Pugh (R) with the goal of better educating Oklahoma youth about our democracy, freedoms, history and civics of U.S. government. To gain a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and other important American documents that have shaped our country. With a broader knowledge of U.S. civics students would be better prepared to face the challenges ahead in adulthood and it would foster better citizenship. That's the goal and obviously we could really use some more education when it comes to U.S. history and civics.

Some educators say this is completely unnecessary and it just adds more weight and standardized testing that students have to complete in order to graduate. They say this is just another "teach the test" with little to no educational benefit to students. It's also concerning that the law is asking students to take and pass the U.S. Citizenship Test in their Junior (11) year, but most high schools don't teach U.S. civics until senior (12) year. I'm sure this will be addressed and that classes and or courses will be offered prior to the test being administered. Starting civics education earlier and maintaining that knowledge until testing time.

The new law will take effect in the 2022-2023 school year according to the bill. You can review HB 2030 in it's entirety by click here. So what do you think about all this? Should students have to pass the U.S. Citizenship Test in order to graduate high school? Take the quick poll below and let us know your thoughts:

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