Move over Big Bird; watch your back Barney; this 2-year-old girl is gunning for your jobs. This toddler has already taught over one-million people a new way to learn their ABCs -- yelling them out over a gnarly heavy metal riff.

Don’t be fooled by her pink-hooded bear towel attire, this toddler means business and she’s determined to spout out the full alphabet, not matter what. Besides being a supreme educator, this little lass also embodies the two mottos of a great rock star: ‘the show must go on’ and ‘demand a kickass rider.’

In the one-minute video, she manages to persevere through several issues with the soundsystem (stop turning the music off, dad) and then proceeds to make demands after a job well done (“I want mommy!”). Oh, and did we mention the face-melting expressions she throws the camera at the end of the clip? It’ll make you want your mommy, too.

This isn't this first time metal music has come to the aid of children everywhere. Songs from bands like Judas Priest, Tool, Metallica, Pantera and more have been turned into lullabies to put your metal-loving child to sleep.

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