Before you hit play on Joe Rogan's epic Tom Delong interview, watch this supercut first...

Now, while the consensus may be Tom is slowly losing his mind, consumed by irrational fears, lets pull that band aid off quick.

As of right now, the only proof of life beyond Earth is the lowly water bear. A microscopic little juggernaut of survival. Known for living anywhere and everywhere, including on the outside surface of the International Space Station. They're pretty durable.

With that being known, there is a really good chance there is life somewhere in, or far beyond our galaxy. That's a personal belief, nothing scientific to source... but I'm pretty sure life will be like that detailed in Futurama. Maybe not as soon as 3000, but eventually, Earth will be a unified planet. Light speed, hyper drive, and dark matter fuel will be normal everyday things. And clinics will be staffed with at least one lovable, inept crustacean doctor. Dilly, dilly.

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