We only have a few more days before Halloween to hit play on all our favorite "must watch" horror and monster movies. Every year my list grows longer and longer.Time is running out so I've got to get busy.

There's a lot of movies that I have to see during the Halloween season, and it is a season by the way. With all the classics and good horror movies, I have a list of B-Horror stinkers I enjoy watching every year as well.

If you're looking for suggestions on some horror movies to watch between now and Halloween we have a top 5 list for you. Why not hit play on some home-grown horror movies that were filmed right here in Oklahoma.

That's right all the movies listed below were filmed in Oklahoma. Well, all but one. But the movie plot takes place in the Sooner State so it kind of qualifies. Most people think the movie was filmed here, but it wasn't.

Now understand most of the movies listed below are B-Horror films and most are from the 1980's during the golden age of slasher films. So there's a lot of Friday the 13th rip-offs and horrible soundtracks to go with the bad acting. But who doesn't enjoy watching a bad movie every once in a while? For me, the worst the better!

So grab some snacks, pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, and hit play on any of the movies listed below to enjoy some really good, bad homegrown horror movies that were filmed right here in Oklahoma!


  • 5

    Revenge (1986)

    This one was filmed in Tulsa, OK. Directed and written by Christopher Lewis and starring John Carradine, Patrick Wayne, and Bennie Lee McGowan "Revenge" tells the story of a satanic cult who prey upon college students. They hunt and kill them as sacrifices to the devil. While not the best horror flick around, it's certainly not the worst. If you're a fan of the old-school cheesy 80's cult/slasher films you'll enjoy this one. It's low budget but still delivers. It's B-Horror at its finest!

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    Terror at Tenkiller (1986)

    This is a homegrown horror flick "must-see." You can hardly call yourself an Okie unless you've watched it. A golden oldie from the 80's slasher decade "Terror at Tenkiller." It was filmed entirely in Oklahoma at Lake Fort Gibson, even though it's called Terror at Tenkiller. The story is about two college girls who travel to Tenkiller Lake for the Summer. They get Summer jobs at the local diner and that's when things start to go wrong, dead wrong. Someone is going on a murderous rampage and the bodies are stacking up. The movie stars Stacey Logan, Michelle Merchant, Michael Shamus Wiles, and Kevin Meyer. It's a great b-horror film that's sure to bring back some fond memories and more than a few laughs.

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    The Ripper (1985)

    Another 80's horror movie and another one filmed in Tulsa, OK. and directed by Christopher Lewis. It stars Tom Savini, Tom Schrerier, Mona Van Pernis, and Wade Tower. "The Ripper" is about a college professor who finds an old ring. When he puts it on he becomes possessed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper. If you enjoy really bad horror movies, I'm talking terrible, you'll have a good time hitting play on this one. It's so bad it's good! Th e1980's were the decade for B-Horror and slasher films made in Oklahoma.

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    All American Murder (1991)

    Well, we've finally made it to the 90's with our Oklahoma B-Horror movies. "All American Murder"  was filmed in Sand Springs, OK. and on the Oklahoma State University campus. All you need to know about this little gem is "direct to video." But don't let that stop you from seeing it. The movie stars Christopher Walken! Yep, Christopher Walken is in it along with Charlie Schlatter and Joanna Cassidy. All American Murder tells the story of a college student who is suspected of murder. Meanwhile, the actual killer continues his murderous rampage. It's kind of a slasher, who done it. This one has it all, low budget, bad effects, and a horrible soundtrack. It's the terrible trifecta of B-Horror all in one!

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    Near Dark (1987)

    Everyone always talks about "Near Dark" when they discuss horror movies that were filmed in Oklahoma. However, Near Dark was actually filmed in Arizona. The movie is set in Oklahoma, but due to flooding in the state at the time filming was moved to Arizona. It's a modern western-styled vampire movie that tells the story of a small-town farmer's son who ends up joining a group of traveling vampires. It stars the late Bill Paxton along with Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, and Lance Heriksen. It was directed by Kathryn Bigelow. It's actually a good movie and worthy of watching. One of the few on the top 5 list that isn't a B-Horror film, or filmed in OK.

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