When you were growing up did you collect football or baseball cards?  Did you find yourself trading cards every week with your friends?  Do you remember all of the other types of trading cards and stickers that were goofy or trivial?

Well get ready because there is now a set of Justin Bieber cards that are hitting the shelves soon.  Can it get much worse than that?  Yeah..It can.  In fact according to Gunaxin.com, there are many cards out there that are more ridiculous.  How about Gilligan's Island Trading Cards.  Really?  There were only 7 castaways.  How many other people came to the island? 

Ok how about Trash Can Tots (a spin off of Garbage Pail Kids)?  Or Coca Cola Trading Cards?  How many Drinks have they made?  You could wrap up that collection for probably under a buck.  My favorite that I collected in addition to football and baseball were Wacky Packages.  They were spoofs on actual products that you could find on any store shelf.  Each Package contained 3 cards, a stick of gum and a check off list so you could keep track of the series you were collecting.  And it had a dual purpose.  when you turned it over it became a part of a 9 piece puzzle. Which was really hard to complete. 

That is what the good folks at the trading company had in mind.  So that I and thousands of other kids would spend their hard earned allowance on their product to get the final piece of the puzzle.  Still not finished yet?  Neither am I.  Wish I had a few of those quarters back.   "Source: Gunaxin.com