If you've lived in or traveled through Lawton for a while, you'll know that the traffic lights have always been a contentious issue. It's pretty smooth driving down just about any major street so long as there isn't any other traffic, and you hold a steady 38 MPH... The signs used to say 36 MPH, but in real-world testing, that proved inconclusive... Naturally, during the morning and evening commute, traffic at the major intersections get pretty backed up, and if you're the odd man out, you're catching every red light in your travels.

It's been like this as long as I can remember. It's the main reason when traveling to grandma's house during the holidays, the trip would bring us through Lawton. In my 23 prior to living here, we would bypass it via Rogers Lane because according to both my mother and father, "There are too many traffic lights." Honestly, the furthest I ever made it into Lawton city limits was the old Sinclair station at 79th and Quannah Parker. If we needed gas, it was the closest pump to 82nd. This of course was before Rogers Lane connected to US-62, so it was always a treat to hop in there and beg to buy everything they had hanging around the register.

Back on track, rumor is the traffic light grid is currently being brought into the current century of operation. Instead of being magnificently timed for the respectful and responsible smaller and slower driving population of 1950's small town America, the lights are now starting to respond to traffic volume. If you live out on the west side, you're already noticing that the lights are working on demand. You no longer have to wait an entire traffic cycle to catch a green light when you're the only one sitting there. It's a very good thing, and I'm positive every driver in town can't wait until it's a city-wide thing.

Also, if they could include the left-turn on flashing yellow signals on more intersections, that'd be great.

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