I learned a very expensive lesson this morning. Whatever you do NEVER make a left hand turn leaving Chick-fil-A on Cache Road splitting the median to head East. Now most people already know this and have avoided making this mistake. You use to be able to do that back in the day, but not anymore and for quite awhile now.

So I get my chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-A, the true breakfast of champions to kick off the day and all was right with the world. Now normally when I go to Chick-fil-A on Cache Road I cut through the neighborhoods to get there and when I'm leaving. Well this morning I exited the parking lot and turned right heading to Cache Road. Jeri and I were having a good time talking and even singing along to the radio.

I pull up to Cache Road and hit the blinker to turn left. As I do I'm looking both directions, no cars to be seen in either direction. As I do this I say to Jeri "Look at all those cop cars across the street at Buffalo Wild Wings, wonder what's going on?"  Then I make my turn, split the median and head East down Cache Road. I get past the intersection of Cache and Sheridan and that's when the lights came on behind me and we got pulled over. I'm wondering why and Jeri tells me what I did.

As soon as she said it I realized what I did. I guess I spaced out and wasn't paying as close attention as I should have, obviously. I know not to turn left, but for whatever reason this morning in my mind it didn't register. I did it right in front of the cops and even saw them before I did it. How goofy can you get?

Well I end up getting a ticket, but it doesn't have the fine amount on it so I call the Municipal Court to see how much it is. Now I'm thinking around $50.00 to $100.00 for an illegal left hand turn. Hell I even used a blinker and wasn't speeding so it couldn't cost that much right? Wrong! I was shocked to say the least, it's $195.00

I screwed up and it's 100% my fault so I went ahead and paid it today. Now unfortunately due to the pandemic you can't pay in person so I went online and paid it that way. By the time it was all over it ended up costing me $200.36 with the service fees. So long story short DO NOT TURN LEFT onto Cache Road when leaving Chick-fil-A! You can bet I won't be doing that again...

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