It's another exciting and hilarious 'True Facts' video from YouTube's now infamous ZeFrank1. Recently he covered the majestic, yet somewhat frighting fruit bat! Behold the MEGA bat in all it's glory and profound beauty!

The fruit bat is one of natures most misunderstood creatures. Luckily for us the only thing these large flying mammals are interested in is fruit, thank God for that!

Can you even imagine a bat as large as this if it decided to go carnivorous? That would really suck, not just for me, but for mankind as a whole. These damn things are HUGE! The biggest fruit bats are called 'Flying Foxes' because they fly and kind of look like foxes, but with big ass wings! Sure they're scarey as hell, but for the most part are harmless.

I feel bad that these animals are almost extinct, maybe it's because by the time people realize they're harmless they've already killed it. Until I saw this video, I hate to admit it, but if I came across a big ass bat like this I'd probably kill it too, if I couldn't out run it anyway.

These poor animals are really misunderstood. Especially Eric, the micro fruit bat who's terrifying looks earned him a cruel and unusual nickname. The other bats have made it real hard on Eric, but that's okay because he's strong willed, incredibly centered, writes poetry and has great sex with his bat girlfriend Lilly.

Take a moment and watch the video to get to know the fruit bat A.K.A. the MEGA bat: