The most expensive home for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers much more than meets the eye. Instead of being a typical newly built McMansion, it's actually a very old home with a remarkable story.


Welcome to the McBirney Mansion. Located on almost three acres of prime land along the Arkansas River in the historical district right outside of Downtown Tulsa.

It started life as the family home of the McBirney family back in 1928, and while it's on the market again as a home, it's been several different things over the years.

At one time or another, this massive home has been a /bed & breakfast, event center, law office, outpatient treatment center of Tulsa Regional Medical Center, and more. When a former airline president made plans to convert this historical home into a hotel, another family was able to purchase the property before the plan went into effect.

What exists there now is an impressive sprawl of exorbitance.

There are seven bedrooms and three bathrooms from the original build, but the attic space was converted to include three additional bedrooms and a bathroom as well. The living rooms are nice and the music room is a bit excessive, but the real star is the amazing man cave space.

If you read about the most expensive home in Oklahoma City, you'll notice stark differences in how these mansions are put together. The OKC home is full of wild and somewhat tacky-fad finishes while this Tulsa home is classicly designed in a way that will never go out of style. You'll see both to compare below.

Tulsa, Oklahoma's Most Expensive House

You'd be surprised how normal the bedrooms and bathrooms are in a house that lists for $8.5million... but the real spectacles to see here are the entertainment areas. The living rooms, the bar, and the incredible man cave.

Look inside this EPIC $5,495,000 Oklahoma Estate

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