In a blink-and-you-miss-it news blurb over the weekend, apparently, Governor Kevin Stitt is trying to attract Volkswagen to the Sooner State for their newest vehicle manufacturing plant.

As you know, states and municipalities often offer up attractive tax incentive offers to large corporations in order to secure new jobs for citizens. Governor Stitt approved changes to one of Oklahoma's incentive programs with his eyes set on Volkswagen.

The offer and preliminary information would have VW building a new vehicle plant in Pryor, the same place that ev-manufacturer Canoo chose to build their new battery plant.

What are the odds?

Hard to say. In Oklahoma's recent history, Stitt is batting .500 for automakers. Sure, we scored Canoo, but we also lost Tesla... but as the Cybertruck is running almost three years behind schedule, it doesn't appear to be the loss we collectively thought it was going to be.

On the upside, Canoo recently extended their business in the Sooner State, acquiring a vehicle manufacturing plant in OKC where some of their unique whips will be made.

Time will tell what happens with VW, our competition is rumored to be Canada.

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