While speed is important to supercar makers like Bugatti, safety is slightly more importanter. Fact. What is the use of doing nearly 300mph if you can't stop? The worlds roads aren't built like salt flats or race tracks, so the need for reliable brakes is pretty high on the list.

The really amazing thing is this... Even though a brake job on a Bugatti would run you over ten grand, what you're getting is solid quality. The rotor isn't some off the shelf part, but that's not what they're testing above. Bugatti is testing the caliper. A wildly spectacular bit of kit that has been designed on the PC and 3D printed with titanium. It's skeletonized to shed weight, but strong enough to take the punishment... so far at least. Time will tell if 3D printing can reduce the cost passed on to consumers, but something tells me this will, for some time, add up to increased profit margins for makers.

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