We're big fans of the video mashup, especially when it combines two things that should never, ever be combined: Like Kevin McCallister and the Iranian hostage crisis, for example.

As we're sure you know by now, the 2013 Oscar-winning 'Argo' was a movie with a pretty intense and historically-accurate conflict driving the plot. Uh, 'Home Alone' wasn't.

In 'Home Alone,' the fictional villains had the self-assigned cutesy moniker "The Wet Bandits," because they left the faucets on after breaking into people's houses. In 'Argo,' the villains were the distinctly-nonfiction "Iranian Militants." In one movie a kid gets left without a chaperone, and in the other a group of people are sure they are going to die violent and terrible deaths in captivity.

The editing really brings it all together, though. DogFoodFilms nailed it.


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