Don't just sit there on the sidelines. Be an active participant in this experiment in self government and let your voice be heard. You could help usher in meaningful changes and help kick start the country, even the entire world into an all new era! It's one of mankind's most troubling questions, not to mention complaints. "Why are hotdogs sold in packages of ten and hotdog buns in a package of eight?"

This question has plagued and puzzled us for years, maybe since the very beginning of man's recorded history. However, it's looking like we might actually see hotdogs and buns sold in even quantities...FINALLY!

I've never understood the reason behind this and it's irritating that for all these years we've just dealt with it. Well, those days may be numbered thanks to Heinz. They've picked up the banner and have set up a petition on the "Heinz Hotdog Pact."  Take the time to sign the petition and let's once and for all, finally get hotdogs and buns sold in even quantities. Enough is enough already!

If anyone can help resolve this issue it's Heinz, but they need our help. There's already around 19,000 signatures and once it hits that magic 25,000 number it will be one of the top petitions on

History is being made, it's an exciting time to be alive.10 wieners 10 buns is the battle cry of all people, united in a single cause marching our way to victory and glory! So join the army and help with this most righteous and noble endeavor. Sign the Heinz Hotdog Pact today!

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