This is what mankind has been waiting for and I can't believe it's taken this long to get here. Of all our achievements and progress this has to be the pinnacle of ingenuity and innovation. I'm proud beyond words to have lived to see it. We finally have pizza vending machines. The future is now and what a beautiful world we're living in.

Who would have thought it would be the Canadians who thought up this incredible  breakthrough in vending vittles. This glorious machine is located in Toronto Canada and is operated by the Pizza Forno company. I'm thinking a trip to the Great White North may be in order, I absolutely have to try this. I'm still reeling from the fact that pizza vending machines are now a reality. We have to get these in the states on every corner.

According to the video it only takes 3 minutes to cook once the order has been placed. It sounds like there's all kinds of options too when it comes to the type and style of pizza you can get. The only downside I can see so far is that it doesn't cut it into slices. No biggie I'll bring my own pizza cutter and I'm never without a pocket knife.

Can you imagine having one of these near the house? Stop by grab a pizza or two then head to the house. Or how about a road pizza, and yes that's a real thing at least when I'm driving. Pizza is the perfect road food even if you have to cut it into slices yourself. I'm entirely too damn excited about this and hope to see one of these machines in Lawton, Fort Sill someday soon.

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