Now for the news most, if not all of us were wanting to hear. The City of Lawton has approved trick-or-treating this Halloween so the kids WILL BE out collecting up candy and celebrating Halloween properly. This is some really good news. With everything that's been going on with COVID-19 we were all worried about Halloween this year. Think of the kids, it's been a rough year for them and I'm glad they'll be able to costume up and enjoy trick-or-treating. It's even better that this year Halloween is on a Saturday!

The City of Lawton announced the official trick-or-treating hours for Halloween 2020 yesterday evening. The hours for this year will be 6:00pm until 8:00pm on Saturday, October 31st 2020 (10-31-20) All Hallow's Eve. So get the kid's costumes ready, grab your candy sacks and get ready for trick-or-treating!

Once the city announced that trick-or-treating would be happening and the hours they provided some safety and health tips for this year's Halloween. See below:

COL Halloween 2020 Tips (4)-page-001

It's hard to believe in a few short weeks it'll be October and it's looking like we're actually going to have a Fall for the first time in a long time. Mother Nature seems to be taking it easy on us this year and we'll ease our way into Winter vs. hot to cold. Hopefully we'll have decent weather this Halloween so the kids can wear their costumes and not freeze or sweat. I hated it as a kid when my costume had to be covered up because I was all bundled up in a jacket and hat due to the cold, or when all the monster make-up sweated off due to the heat.

I'm expecting better numbers this year and seeing more kids and families in my neighborhood out trick-or-treating. It's been forever since anyone's been able to get out and do something "normal" for a change. I think most people are really looking forward to it and I know the kids are. We can enjoy our Halloween including trick-or-treating while keeping in mind all the COVID-19 health and safety protocols like social distancing, hand washing, sanitation and masks when and where needed.

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