After a hectic couple of hours of searching for the lost barges, they were found in a 'best case scenario' spot... Stuck on a jetty with the smallest chance of hitting the Webber Falls dam. Of course, Uncle Murphy showed up just as film crews did to catch those barges breaking free and hitting that dam before spectacularly and dramatically sinking in record time.

Luckily, the lighter barge was empty at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, the rust colored barge was carrying, amid conflicted reports of the amount, between 3800 pounds to 3800 tons of fertilizer. Luckily, we have the internet forums and facebook resources to debate the subject.

Those responsible insist the fertilizer is organic and won't harm the fish. Others say there's a good chance the fert will spark huge algae blooms, which could kill all the fish.

Being the smarter man, I know to keep my mouth shut until whatever is going to happens, happens. We'll see how it turns out in the coming days and weeks, but hopefully the impact to nature is on the optimistic side.

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