Freakin' hilarious! You have to see this video written and directed by Chris Capel of HBML (HandleBarMustacheLand) They're a talented group of amateur movie makers that post funny short films and comedy skits on YouTube. This one's just in time for Halloween and dares to ask the question "What would it be like if you lived with Jigsaw?". Maybe it's just me, but I think it's frightfully funny, pardon the pun!

Remember Jigsaw, the puppet from the Saw movies? Actually the puppet didn't have a real name in the movies, he was called Billy by the cast and crew during filming but was never refereed to by any name in the films. Fans of the franchise just started calling him Jigsaw after the main villain in the movie, I guess it makes sense. Anyway, the puppet would always make an appearance and talk to the soon to be victims about playing a game. Which was always some form of torture that ended badly. Imagine having him for a roommate!


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