Well, once again Mother Nature is getting moody. She just can't seem to find the right temperature and conditions, she continues to flip flop from warm to cold, wet to dry, windy to calm and everything in between. It's Oklahoma we're use to it, but it doesn't mean we like it. We're literally the only state in the Union that can have all 4 season and a monsoon in a day. Don't like the weather, give it a minute it'll change.

Today is going to be pretty cold outside with a high around 45 degrees or so. This morning it was freezing at 27 degrees and it's just now starting to get a little warmer out of doors. With the cold weather returning in the forecast I'm already working out dinner plans and what cold weather comfort foods I'll be making. Everyone's got a favorite what's yours? I think tonight I'll be making stew. It's the perfect cold weather dinner in my opinion and the entire family enjoys it. We hopefully only have a few more weeks, maybe a month tops, where it's really cold outside so times running out to appreciate those cold weather dishes and comfort foods.

Sure you can eat stew, chili, grilled cheese with tomato soup, loaded baked potatoes and breakfast food anytime, regardless of what Mother Nature's up to. But for whatever reason they always seem to taste better and I seem to crave them more when it's cold outside. Eating homemade stew in the Summer isn't near as good as when it's winter time. Now chili is a total different matter all together. I like it anytime, but when it's cold outside it gives it that little extra bit of flavor. Same for breakfast food, loaded baked potatoes and grilled cheese with tomato soup. Those are my all time favorites when it's cold. So what is your all time favorite cold weather comfort food? Take the poll and let us know:

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