It's been a few years since Lawton received a proper snow. Sure, we've had a few inches that last a day or two, but nothing compares to the legendary storms we've seen this century. The 2002 New Year Ice Apocalypse. The 2009 Snowmagedon that shut down the entire state just before Christmas. The 2010 ice storm that brought our broadcast tower down... There has been many, but lately, few.

I think the last decent snow we received was in 2014, some six inches or so that lasted a solid five days. Since then, mostly just dustings like today that don't last more than overnight.

We've got winter weather in the extended forecast, and it might be the perfect time of year for it. If we can hold off New Years Eve, nothing else happens in January. That seems like it'd be THE time of year to let Mother Nature tie a cold one on, though I think we could all do without the ice.

When is your ideal time for snow?

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