Somehow, we've managed to make it through two years of pandemic without too many hurdles in acquiring our beloved and favorite Girl Scout cookies. We've been collectively fortunate that throughout most of the selling seasons we've masked up for, cases have been moderate to low in numbers. That is not the case going into prime cookie season 2022.

Call it the Omicron variant and how easily it's spread, or the glaringly obvious lack of pandemic decorum... social distancing... elective masking... "It's just a cold" mentality... etc... and cases are at all-time highs across the nation.

How is Covid-19 going to impact how easily we'll be able to find cookies this year?

Luckily enough, technology is saving the day for Girl Scout cookie acquiring.

You don't have to worry about frequenting the grocery stores, dispensaries, and other various businesses in the heat of Pandemic: Part 4 to score your delicious cookies, you can just order them online.

If your Facebook feed looks anything like mine, you've probably seen a few links on there to order cookies from some of Southwest Oklahoma's most dedicated Girl Scouts. Most of these are specific to the individual scout, that way they still get their due credit for the fundraising extravaganza...

On these scouts member-specific order pages you can order up as many cookie boxes of your choice as you want. For instance, I'm a five boxes of Tagalongs and two Thin Mints kind of supporter. I know Thin Mints are the nation's favorite, but those smooth peanut buttery tagalongs have my number.

You enter those choices into the specified boxes then choose how you would like to be delivered your cookies. You can opt in to have them shipped to you via mail for a curiously high fee, or you can choose to have them dropped off by the scout you're ordering from.

Obviously, you have to have them dropped off right? Who is paying for shipping in 2022? If Home Depot can ship and deliver a four-hundred pound toolbox to my front door for free, why does it cost a flat $15 to ship a few boxes of cookies? I understand the obvious answer here, it's just shipping is so rare these days...

That's a whole different topic and conversation we can have later.

But what if you don't know of any local scouts?

The Girl Scout website has you covered.

First, you'll want to click here to visit the Girl Scouts page on how to find cookies.

You enter your location details, zip code and such, and up will pop a list of in-person booths, including the hours the scouts are expected to be there selling their wares.

On the plus side, when you meet these scouts, you can totally get their link details to share with your coworkers later, and lets admit it, make additional orders later because nobody can stop as just one case of Thin Mints.

But what if you don't want to do the in-person thing altogether?

First, you're being ridiculous. Second, I understand.

If you pop out on Facebook Marketplace and search for Girl Scout Cookies, you'll find plenty of people that are selling them with one tiny distinction... The cookies you buy on Marketplace could be from anywhere. That means your fundraising dollars will still get you cookies, but they could be benefitting a troop way off in some other state, plus we're back to paying for shipping and junk...

Click here, find your local troop, and enjoy your cookies when they become available.

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