When it comes to off-road fun in SWOK, you pretty much need to know someone or have a route down to the river. There are a few off-road parks in the area, but they mostly cater to ATV's and motorcycles. If you want to flex your iffy ebay lift and get those pretty coated wheels a few love scuffs, there are a few places you can go in this state for a small fee.

Oddly enough, Eastern Oklahoma is home to some of the most fun you can have in a 4x4. I'm guessing it's because the Eastern half of the state is full of rolling hills and forests. Honestly, the difference between the two Oklahoma's on each side of I-35 is staggering when it comes to the landscape.

If you off-road, or aspire to it one day if you can accept the fact that pretty Jeep's are Barbie Jeep's, there are some pretty stellar areas to take your ambitions in the almost-wild. The most famous of all of Oklahoma's off-road areas simply called Disney. Technically, it's Hogan's Off Road Park located just outside of Disney, OK. It's "the" place to go off-road in the Sooner State. Mostly because of their RV infrastructure, but if you're driving up for just the day, you can enter the Disney OHRV Park on your own.

If you wanted to stay a little closer to home, and had the ATV's and side-by-sides to play around with, there are several options here in SWOK. North of Altus, there is a legit set of trails up in the Quartz Mountains. Being state property, you have to obey the rules of the road there, speed limits, helmet and flag requirements, etc... and nothing there is very technical. It's more of a pleasure drive through the mountain trails. Still, it's close at only a hour-ish drive from Lawton. Check out the videos on YouTube. Looks like your kids would dig it.

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