So I had a weird experience the other day. I was at a friend's house the other day and made a startling discovery of their treason, and when I brought it up, their true colors of tyranny reared its ugly face. It was the discovery and discussion that followed of their preferred brand of ice cream.

How in the world can you live in Oklahoma and have half-gallons of ice cream in your fridge that don't say "Braum's" on 'em? Have they gone mad? Do I need to submit a request to ascertain professional help?

I know, I know... You're probably thinking "Maybe they're not from Oklahoma..." but you'd be wrong. This buddy has lived in Southwest Oklahoma almost 100% of his life, yet his dirty little secret he's been hiding all these years came out to the surprise of everyone at this little social function... his love for Blue Bell ice cream.

Oh, the Oklahumanity! What kind of travesty is this? It's worse than when Chloe had her nodes removed before the Bella's were readmitted to the finals at Lincoln Center.

Yeah, I watched those movies... they were hilarious. Guy code.

Here's the thing, if you live in Oklahoma, you almost have to love Braum's ice cream. It's the absolute best. Period.

All the same, I understand it's far easier and more convenient to get all of your groceries in one place, and most grocery stores carry a pretty large selection of Blue Bell ice cream in the store freezers.

It's been years since I've asked for it, but the last time I remember trying to add a half-gallon of ice cream to my drive-thru order at Braum's, I was shot down. I don't know if that's still the case, making you get out of the car and come in to buy bulk ice cream and junk, but it'd be awesome if they'd hand it out the window.

I will add one caveat, and it applies to pretty much all of Oklahoma, there is another acceptable ice cream out there that won't give you the listeria... Blue Bunny. It's the ice cream that comes in huge gallon-sized plastic tubs.

Is it the best? No. But's it's also cheaper as a whole gallon than a half-gallon of any other brand. My mom bought this a lot because we were a large family and money was often a little tight. Still to this day, I love that almost chalky texture of Blue Bunny's chocolate flavor. That nostalgic feeling gets pumped up to eleven when you eat it with a wooden tongue depressor... like how it came in grade school on Ice Cream Friday, with that little wooden spoon. It's still awesome.

If you think this is all just some sort of crazy, it's not. Mental illness doesn't run in my family... well, I have a sister that likes Ben & Jerry's and an aunt that enjoys yoga, but other than that, we're all normal and healthy.

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