With blacksmithing the new hot trend on TV, who knew horseshoeing could be so zen to watch? Granted, the calmness could be one of those intangible details you can't see in just the one, stand alone video. Maybe he's shoed this horse its entire life. Maybe it's like a therapeutic manicure for it. Whatever it is, it's kind of neat to watch.

It actually got me curious about farrier service and supply. Fun fact, there are three farrier suppliers within seventy miles of Lawton. Sticker shock warning, it's all incredibly expensive. From small forges to even a small box of nails, it's a crazy expensive trade. But is the high price worth a lifetime of zen work? Maybe. Then again, while I haven't run across a video yet where the horse freaks out and tramples the farrier to death... but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

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