First of all, Trance is not a name you hear every day. Second, Trance, we need to address how you act at a standup show.

I know this video is old, but I just stumbled onto it this past weekend. Steve Hofstetter is a standup comedian who performed right here in Wichita Falls at the end of last year. Steve is a great comedian, but he is most famous for his videos that he posts online. The videos are of Steve berating hecklers. He does have his standup routine on there as well, but a lot of his videos are of his heckler interactions.

So I was actually watching a lot of his videos over the weekend and the next video up I hear. 'So we were performing in Wichita Falls.' My first thought was s***, this can't be good. Knowing our city, of course we had a video on his page. I also love how he said they did thirteen cities in Texas. Wichita Falls was the only one to have a heckler. Once again, good job Wichita Falls, you never disappoint.

So, let's talk about Mr. Trance. Steve ends his set by talking about his book he has for sale. It's about growing up in high school as a ginger kid. He tells a joke about someone asking him if it has sexual content in it. Basically, is the book safe for a younger kid to read? Trance decides to give his two cents and say, 'I hope so'.


Awesome, Wichita Falls is now known for wanting to read about minors having sex. Thanks Trance! Don't worry, this will not be the last we hear from him. The other stand ups have other merch they're selling that has to do with their jokes. A shirt that says cream pie and hat that says cocktown. Steve asks how many people would walk around Wichita Falls with a hat that says cocktown?

Trance yells out, "Only if the cocktown hat says creampie on the back!" Oh, thanks again Trance. Steve makes a joke about Trance not being allowed out often. Strike two. Trance then decides to ask a question during the Q&A. Oh, this will be good. "Have you ever met anyone named Trance?" Steve says no and Trance says, "Now you have". Awesome question Trance, I'm sure you finished at the top of your class at Rider or Old High.

Boy oh boy, just many awkward interactions throughout the show. Friendly reminder to Trance and the rest of Wichita Falls. I know you make think that standup comedian is talking right to you, but they're not. You should not be saying anything to them during a set. I thought this was known, but apparently in Wichita Falls we need reminding.

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