I hope somewhere in Hollywood some writer is paying attention to this story because it’s a soap opera script worthy. A NY man faked his own death, but got caught red-handed by his wife, who held a press conference to expose his fraud. What a payback!


Evana Roth was married to her husband Raymond Roth for almost 15 years. But a few months ago something snapped in Raymond who decided to change his life insurance policy and also excluded his wife from the will, without letting her know.

Last week, Raymond and his stepson Jonathan went to a beach in Long Island, you know for some father/son bonding time, not so much, when Raymond went in for a swim, but never came out.

Jonathan called 911 and reported his father missing. Then the son called his mom and told her ‘dad just drowned.’ So far this story reads as a terrible accident. Once again not so much.

The father/husband-of-the-year, emailed his son several times from the grave spa resort in Florida instructing Jonathan which relatives to call and what to tell them. One email reads: ‘make sure you mother doesn’t give the house away.’ The house in question was up for sale for months.


While the father/son duo was exchanging emails behind the grieving woman’s back, Mrs. Roth decided to investigate on her own. She intercepted emails between Raymond and Jonathan and decided to give her husband a taste of his own medicine.

While his wife was preparing for her close-up, somewhere in sunny Florida, a cop pulled over a suspicious car. When the cop ran the license plate, it came back as Raymond Roth, missing person! Shut the front door – that guy just got busted.

Back on the East Coast, miss Roth gave the press conference to the local media telling the world her husband is a fraud and her son is on it too. What a family!

Since then, Raymond has tried to contact his wife via texts.  In one of these texts he wrote: ‘I just heard U have a conference later. Be Nice. Almost 15 years together,’ as reported by ABC News.

Are you kidding us Raymond?! Did you really think you can get away with it? The next time you decide to fake your own dead to avoid paying taxes, move to Mexico, not a spa resort in Florida!


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