Since we seem to experience a rash of terrible Winter weather drivers each year, here are some basic tips to help you develop some slippery skills.

Driving around safely isn't hard to do. Millions around the cooler places in America make it through the ice and snow just fine... we can too, but you'll need to tap into your bank of common sense.

First, four-wheel drive doesn't count for anything in slick weather if you drive like poo.
Sure enough, every year, how many countless off-road vehicles do you see in the ditch? It's not the vehicle that chooses to slide backwards up an embankment... it's the result of poor driving skills.

Pro-Tip: While 4x4 is nice to have, it's not necessary when it's slick. Leave your vehicle in two wheel drive mode until you need that extra axle to pull you out of a jam.

Second, let your feet be light as a feather on that accelerator. This is a skill you have to re-learn every year. As soon as you put your foot into the gas pedal, your wheels start slipping. Lightly feathering that pedal will help your tires do their job, take grasp, and get you going. Ultimately, while it feels like you're moving at the speed of smell, you'll get to where you're going faster and safer.

Third, give yourself enough distance to stop. Just because you managed to get your vehicle up and going, it doesn't mean you'll have the same luck bringing it all to a halt. Distance is the key. Leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you, and also enough to allow you to stop.

Pro-Tip: Instead of using your brakes and risking control of your vehicle in slick weather, let your vehicle coast to a gentle stop, using that brake pedal as little as possible.

Be safe, and don't drive like an idiot. You'll probably be ok.

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