How many times have you seen someone not return their cart to the corral after loading their groceries in their vehicle? It's probably in the ballpark of every time you go to the store. I do believe that most people are polite and responsible, but that they're also lazy and selfish when they think nobody is looking.

Enter the Cart Narcs.

Here's how it goes. Officer Sebastian will spot a person leaving their cart next to their car, or in another parking space, so he very sarcastically approaches said person to shame them. Ninety percent of the time, the perpetrator will politely save face and return their cart, but once in a while there will be a person so filled with disbelief, they have a total adrenaline crash meltdown in the process of getting scorned. If you'd like to see some of these legendary meltdowns, click here... It's hilarious.
This just goes to show that as much of everyday life the pandemic has changed, some things will never change. People being too lazy to swing a cart they borrowed into the proper place is apparently just a bridge too far. Don't get me wrong, I understand, we don't all have the best of days everyday... but that's no excuse to go maverick and risk damage to other people property. You see, it's windy in Oklahoma and these carts get picked up in a breeze. They sail across the parking lot and don't usually stop until they hit something. Most of the time, no damage... but occasionally, it's just enough to scratch and dent someones car.
If you're the type that thinks "People are paid to chase carts, let 'em..." head to the barber and ask for The Karen. You've certainly earned it with that attitude.

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