I'm not sure why tent camping is a risk to ones health when it comes to Covid-19, but that's what federal officials decided this time last year in the Wichita Mountains. You're welcome to camp in your RV or travel trailer, but not a tent. It's pure shenanigans... especially since it's prime camping weather out there. Not too cold throughout the days, but nice and crisp at night so you don't overheat in your sleeping bag. So where can you camp in Oklahoma right now?

Lake Murray State Park is not only the oldest camping hot spot in the state, opened in 1935, it's also the biggest at twelve and a half thousand acres. There you'll find everything you'd expect of an Oklahoma state park... Camping or course, lots of hiking, a beautiful blue-water lake with great fishing, nature centers, kid stuff, and a golf course that somehow still has green grass in the month of January. While the Wichita's may be closed to tent camping because the rona and junk, all indications point to tent camping being open and welcome at Lake Murray State Park.

If you're wondering where it is, you're not alone. People in SWOK are pretty content staying in SWOK, but if you drive East and take a southbound turn at I-35, you'll find Lake Murray State Park just south of Ardmore. With over 500 tent camping sites available in and around the lake in several different small ecologically differing areas, you're sure to find the perfect spot to drive spikes for a night or two.

Check out the site.

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