An Iowa woman was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her. The Press Citizen explains that Melissa Barbara Minarsich, 28, just needed a little sweet loving and wanted to make that incredibly clear to her boyfriend.

According to the arrest report, the boyfriend said “she became upset and swung” after he said he didn’t want to have sex. She landed a couple shots but didn’t inflict any injury. Minarsich allegedly told police that all she wanted “was a piece of (expletive)” and “was that too much to ask?” Maybe she should have saved the sweet talk for her man.

After getting shot down for requested boom-boom, Minarsich went all “Incredible Hulk” on the house and ripped down a storm drainpipe. The boyfriend is probably going to have to fix the drain now. That just means more work for him. Now she REALLY isn’t going to get any.

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