A woman in Sacramento, California is about to become the cigarette butt of many jokes.

Etta Lopez, 31, was desperate to stop smoking so she came up with a novel (and ridiculous) way to try and kick the habit: she slapped a policeman in the hopes she would be arrested and wind up in a cell where she couldn’t get her nicotine fix.

Lopez sat outside the county jail for hours before she made like Crystal on ‘Dynasty’ and slapped Deputy Matt Campoy as he walked out of the facility.

She explained she did so in the hopes she’d be placed under arrest and in jail where she wouldn’t have access to cigarettes. Consider it mission accomplished.

It's not clear if Lopez is still in the jail, although you get the sense that after a few days she's bound to try and find another inmate to help her get some smokes.

We can only imagine what Lopez has up her sleeve when she wants to get rid of the hiccups.

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