No one likes a clingy person.

Especially the police.

Cops in Sakai, Japan have arrested a 44-year-old woman who called them more than 15,000 times in a six-month period beginning in May. Wow, sounds like someone needs a Twitter account.

The woman is accused of calling 927 times in one day alone, bumping this sad sack down to the second-most desperate person in history.

So, what was her problem? Well…nothing. That’s what makes the case even more bizarre. A police official said there was never a crisis that needed to be addressed:

She didn't make up a story that required us to respond -- it was just total nonsense. We visited her place about 60 times before arresting her, trying to persuade her not to call us again. I wonder if she was just lonely."

The woman was charged with fraudulent obstruction of police business. If convicted, she can spend up to three years behind bars or be fined $4,900.

What do you think the odds are that she’s going to be making a few thousand phone calls to a good lawyer?


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