So here's the premise... This woman is fairly confident that she'll have at least one kid someday. That kid will also have a child in the future, so to best explain her generation, she records the most hilarious message to her future grandchild, whether she'll have the opportunity to meet them or not. Still with me?

While this video is old in internet constructs of time, the idea isn't. Grandparents have been recording video diaries or their future relatives since the camcorder was invented. Sure, it started out as a way to put ones last will and testament on record, but it spiraled into a whole "thing." Skip forward to the now, why aren't we doing this? We have every technology at our fingertips, and the only thing we're looking to leave our next generation is a bunch of memes. Sure, they're fire now, but nobody will understand the references later.

While a lot of people in this part of the country like to hate on YouTube, keep in mind... Google owns YouTube. YouTube is the #1 streaming site on the web. It has been for years, and most likely will long after you and I live full lives and move on to being scattered on some lake somewhere. Odds are, the videos that live on YouTube now will be available for a very long time. Don't save something like this to a disk or DVD. Don't know about you, but I don't even own a DVD player anymore. Bluray's went the same direction. Honestly, who still has hard copies of anything? I would say pop it on a hard drive or USB drive, but odds are, those will go the way of the VHS at some point too. Just upload your wisdom and let it live online so people can watch it later.

Also, be weird. Be very, very weird. That's the best way to sum up our civilization at the moment.

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