As the story goes, a woman stopped at an OKC McDonald's to have a bite to eat, but was informed that the dining room was still closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. She did not like being told to swing through the drive thru. A physical altercation ensued between her and at least one of the workers, then she left. It could have all been over at that point, but this woman then made a horrible decision. Apparently, she walked back into the restaurant and began firing her gun. One employee was shot, two others caught fragments and shrapnel.

These are wild times we're living in.

Of course, opponents of freedom instantly turned their impotent rage on guns being the problem. That we need to ban guns immediately, not first thinking that the laws against shooting other humans did nothing to stop a criminal from committing a criminal act. If you didn't know it already, you cannot legislate against evil will. Murder is illegal, yet somehow people get murdered everyday. And it's not even firearms doing the heavy lifting. Remember when that dude cut off a coworkers head at an OKC Crest grocery store? The world is full of crazy.

Of course, calm and clear thinking can't put anyone at ease. Snarky comments start to flood social media like "Sure, responsible firearm owner right there..." from people that don't realize, by making such an irresponsible decision, this woman is no longer a responsible firearm owner.

The most highly contested phrase online is "People like this be allowed to own guns..." Which is true, but only after the fact. The world isn't The Minority Report. Police don't solve future crime before it happens. The thin blue line observes, reports, and reacts. Every American is granted their right to bear arms. It's up to each individual to do it responsibly or risk, as will be in this case, losing that right to lawfully own said firearms.

While the libertarian in me absolutely supports your rights to hold a different opinion, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I'd hate to see you spilling such stupidity somewhere online.

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