A new study has revealed something that you don’t need an MBA to know: working from home rocks.

Yes, it seems painfully obvious – if people had their druthers, they’d scrap the frustration of sitting in traffic or squeezing into a bus seat and would toss on a pair of sweats before heading to their den to put in a day on the clock.


The survey has found that 70% of people would rather work from home instead of trekking into an office. That number soars to 81% among those between the ages of 35 and 44. Conversely, that figure sinks to 66% among those between the ages of 18 and 24.


Working from home (working -- not watching ‘The Price Is Right,' right?) may also inadvertently help with team bonding, thanks to the hatred your coworkers may develop towards you. Fifty-seven percent of respondents say it can cause jealousy among coworkers. Sixty percent of parents and 70% of those who earn over $100,000 admit they’re jealous of colleagues who get to enjoy the five-foot commute.


Working from home may be a trend that is supported by technology – 60% feel email is the best way to communicate in a group setting. And what better way to inform your colleagues that you won't be coming into the office?

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