Coors Light has just mastered the art of combating Zoom Fatigue. Let's face it all these damn Zoom meetings and video conference calls are getting a little ridiculous. If you've been stuck at the house for the past couple of months working from home you know all too well the annoyance of these seemingly endless video chats. Whether it's work related or getting together with friends and family, enough is enough! It's time for the Coors Light Clone Machine.

It looks like we have an all new and improved way of faking our presence on these video chats thanks to Coors Light. That's right they've created one of, if not the greatest video chat cheats with the Coors Light Clone Machine. Basically you go to their site create a quick 30 second video that you can upload to Zoom as background so it looks like you're actually on the call and paying attention when you're actually enjoying a beer. BRILLIANT!

I've been very fortunate I've been able to work from the studios and office since the beginning of COVID-19, other's aren't as lucky. Even being at work I spend a lot of time on these video conference calls, not all but most are a waste of time and getting in the way of actually doing something productive, if not fun! We've heard all kinds of creative ways people are skipping the calls, while still being present. How you ask? Well the ideal is to trick people into thinking you're on the call and paying attention.

We can thank our youth for figuring out new and inventive ways of dodging video chats and school instruction online. One kid re-named his profile and screen name to reloading so the teachers thought he was unable to connect. That kid's going places. Other's have used fake profiles and blurred photos or videos to get the job done. Sadly I've had to employ this method myself, not for work mind you, especially if someone for the head office is reading this. I have however used it with friends and family.

If you'd like to use the Coors Light Clone Machine visit the website to get started. It's quick and easy. Then you'll be able to drop out, enjoy a beer, grab a snack and finish whatever you're binge watching. Thank God for Coors Light!

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