There's nothing like chemistry! More often than not, bands are facing forward engaging their audience during shows, but there's something powerful about what comes out when each of the members can engage each other eye-to-eye and we see a bit of that in Wovenwar's new video for "Cascade."

The band is set inside a darkly lit room, with Jordan Mancino's drumkit being the biggest piece in the video. Meanwhile, Mancino is flanked by Shane Blay, Josh Gilbert and Nick Hipa who close ranks in a circle playing "Cascade" and feeding off of each other's power.

Hipa, the band's lead guitarist, also directed and edited the video, which finds the group full engaged in the performance. It's a heavy rocker accentuated by Gilbert's low end and the vocals of both Blay and Gilbert.

"Cascade" is featured on the band's most recent album, their sophomore set Honor Is Dead. The band took big steps with their sophomore set, delivering an edgier and more emotionally raw collection of songs. The disc is available to order here.

Wovenwar are currently off the road with no dates scheduled.

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