Growing up, as kids we were completely clueless that when watching the NYE celebration in New York City wasn't actually NYE in our time zone. As we grow older and have kids on our own, it's a pro-tip we won't forget, getting the kiddos off to bed an hour early, but still letting them have their fun. But, there is a way to have that celebration a couple of times in one night if you have the resources to make it happen.

While 2020 will never hit the peak excitement of Y2k, it is interesting to think how far we've come in technology since then. Cell phones were bricks. Everyone still had a home phone. There were books with phone numbers in them, and people still read newspapers. Now, we're so connected, the world just seems small.

Also, don't bother recording your midnight celebration. Everyone is having one, and after tomorrow, nobody will care what it looked like.

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