Every year, impromptu classrooms across the state fill up with new hunters looking to check that little safety card off their list of requirements. Often, the majority of the class is young, eager to hunt children, but young adults and parents normally fill up the rest. Everyone is there to learn the same thing... How to responsibly and safely hunt and enjoy the Oklahoma outdoors.

These classes are usually hosted in the larger towns across the various counties of the state, taught by state game wardens, and sometimes feature pro-hunter volunteers.

Yes, they are a grueling, slow, remedial eight full hours of common sense safety, but you have to keep in mind... it's something you should have done as a child, and they need all the slow, impactful learning they can get on this subject. But, as the OK Wildlife Department is the only well functioning state department, they've moved this information online. You can now get your certificate of hunter safety completion on their website. I have no idea how long the online course is, but it's a solid option.

There are limitations to it though. If the new hunter is a child, they must be at least 10 years old to complete this online. Otherwise, you're looking for a more personal experience in class. While the Comanche County class has already taken place, there are several upcoming courses near over the next couple of months. You'll also find those listed here.


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