I have no idea how it popped up in my YouTube suggestions, but apparently, it's only supposed to take about half an hour to fix a pothole... Not the three years it currently takes in the non-rich neighborhoods of Lawton. Who knew? And the process is really pretty interesting. It'd almost be a treat to go with a city crew and fix a few some day.

Now before you hop off on some defensive tangent, let me stop you. I get it. I'm a working stiff too. Our faithful city workers get as much done as they can, and most likely, there's just not enough people employed locally to get it all done as quickly as other similar sized cities do... But if Victoria, Texas can do it, so can we.

Alternatively, there are things you can do to speed up the process. Home Depot sells cold-patch asphalt that makes fixing a pothole yourself relatively easy. It won't last, but it will take that hard hit out of your drive-train for a while. All the same, we pay taxes for the purpose of this task.

There was one hero in England a few years ago that came up with his own unique way of forcing the local city to, well, do their job. While he remained anonymous, people called him 'Wanksy' because he would spray-paint big 'ol penises around potholes, which would force the city to fix on the double.

In America, this task has had a slightly different method of execution. People around the country have been planting flowers in potholes to remind their local governments of their duties. It's hilarious and really passive-aggressive in the best way. Maybe you should spend a few dollars just for the laugh... Odds are, it might work.


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