I think it's safe to say that we love to eat.  Perhaps, snack would be a better word for what takes place at offices all over the state of Oklahoma.  We do it.  Weekly, we have some reason to eat at our office, sometimes almost daily, you'll find donuts, birthday cakes, cookies, or brownies on our kitchen table for all to enjoy.

When this information first came across my desk, I have to admit that I was surprised at the findings of Oklahoma's Favorite Workplace Snack.  But, I'll back-burner that little tidbit for a bit longer.

My first guess would have been donuts.  Those soft chewy delectable puffs of sugary air!  Can you tell that I'm a fan? And, for those more calorie and health conscious, you can have a cake donut instead.  What's not to love?  Were donuts the top snack? Nope.

Any Reason To Eat!

We like things homemade at our office.  We do breakfast once a month or so, with all of the trimmings.  Bacon is a must, as are biscuits and gravy, and while none of these are considered snacks, the homemade part is true enough.  So my second guess would have been cookies.  My favorite is oatmeal raisin (again, in a bid to be healthier). Do you think cookies were Oklahoma's favorite workplace snack? No. Brownies, Cake, and Fruit were all NO too.

The team at Deputy, a team scheduling software, knows that when there is free food in the breakroom, no office snack in Oklahoma is safe. They analyzed Google Trends search volume of 100+ office snacks over a five-year period to determine the most coveted office snacks.

Here’s what snack every coworker will want a piece of in the Sooner State:

  • Oklahoma is all about flavor packing a punch! The most popular office snacks are Hot Tamales. While based in Pennsylvania, this hot cinnamon snack is a favorite for Okies.

  • The most popular office drink in Oklahoma is Dr. Pepper! This caffeinated soda was created in Texas, but there is a distributor in Oklahoma City.

  • Overall, the most popular office snack in the U.S. was Zebra Cakes and the office drink was bottled water. It seems employees in Oklahoma prefer their snack with more of a kick and their drink with more sugary, caffeinated, bubbly deliciousness than the average American.

Seriously? Hot Tamales?  They are like the big brother of Red Hots.  A mouth can only take so many.  I think Oklahoma should demand a recount!

Here's a look at what Townsquare Media Lawton prefers to snack on!

This is How we Snack!

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