There's a new business coming to Lawton, Fort Sill, get ready for Scooter's Coffee! If you've been through the intersection of Sheridan Road and Gore Boulevard lately you may have seen the sign on the corner: "Scooter's Coffee COMING SOON!" The new coffee shop will be behind, or next to Murphy Express gas station and close to C.D. Connection. I've seen Scooter's Coffee in Norman, Oklahoma City and in Texas, the Metro-plex area. I've never had the opportunity to try it out for myself, but look forward to it when they open up in Lawton!   

Scooter's Coffee has an impressive line up of drinks and snacks, it'll be great to have them in town and right down the street from the studios. They have hot drinks, iced drinks, blenders, smoothies, teas, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, cookies, muffins and all kinds of other great stuff. Check out their menu here, it'll definitely get your mouth watering and your taste buds excited! Not too sure when they'll brake ground and start building, but hopefully sometime soon. It would be epic if it opened before Fall 2021 for the holidays.

Lawton, Fort Sill is starting to see more and more businesses move to town and open up. We've got Panera Bread that should be opening soon across the street from the Sheridan Road Walmart. There's Philly Homa in the old Crockett's BBQ building on Gore Blvd. Looking forward to that one. It's a Philly cheese steak restaurant, how awesome is that? We've also heard rumors that Mathis Brother's Furniture is building a new showroom and warehouse on N.W. Cache Road where the old theater and  Eddie Cordes Automall use to be. Still waiting on confirmation and possible completion dates for that one.

As soon as we hear anything about the new Scooter's Coffee and when they'll start building and eventually open up, we'll be sure to let you know. Things are looking up for Lawton, Fort Sill and it's exciting to see new places coming to town giving us more choices for shopping and eating out. Not to mention the employment opportunities and tax revenues this will generate for our city. Now if we can just get a Taco Casa and In-N-Out Burger that would be epic!

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