When Winter weather hits SWOK, it's almost magical. Sure, it makes normal everyday life a little tough, but snow days don't happen often... especially when it comes to getting a free snow day off work. If you're looking for the best way to stay safe during this weather event, there are only two things you need to know.

One: Don't be in a hurry. Even with your fancy all-wheel drive or lifted four-wheel drive vehicles, icy conditions don't care. Ice is the great equalizer on Earth. Unless you happen to have studded tires (real common up North) you're most likely going to hit a curb, ditch, or other car if you get too ahead of yourself.

Two: Stay inside if possible. Not to say you shouldn't be out enjoying a rarity in SWOK... but instead of heading across town, go outside. Hit the back yard. Let the kids get good and worn out. That'll set yourself up for a quite, cozy, Winter evening when they go to bed early.

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