Do you remember what it's like to be a teenager? Especially those early years of pre-teen, jumping straight into 13, and the growing pains that come with it? Being young wasn't easy, and I'm fairly sure every person on earth would agree, there's no way they'd go back even if they could. Sometimes though, you get an opportunity to jump out of the gate as a badass, and in no uncertain terms, this kid is awesome.

Meet Tanner Benedict. A metal loving, axe wielding, riff slaying 7th grader from Anytown, USA. When given the opportunity to establish and define himself early in the years that push people apart, he chose to melt the faces of his peers in the class talent show.

It starts out with a little chill, rolling through Rob Scallon, Holy Wars, Raining blood, Alison Hell, Omnipresent Perception, Eruption, D.O.A, and Cowboys from Hell... Instant. Legend.

At the end of the day, it really makes you reflect on your own kids. Sure, you hope they move on from the world of TikTok and whatever video game the entire planet is playing at the moment. You want them to discover something constructive. A skill that they can learn now and enjoy for the rest of their life. Because we all know, social media and video games can't maintain happiness forever... but being a musical badass probably can. Sure, there will be disappointing days where they realize how few musicians get a chance to make it big, but they'll still have the passion of music to get them through the darker days.

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