A photo floating around the internet shows a a restaurant bill from Saturday night where an Alabama fan decided to leave 'Roll Tide!' in place of a tip for the server, who was ironically named Forrest.

The reason?

Don't talk about being proud of Auburn to an Alabama Fan! There's your tip.

Sounds like someone is having a tough time getting over Auburn's miraculous win last weekend.

There's no way to verify the authenticity of the photo or whether the server didn't add their own writing to an a customer copy of the check, but there's also no reason to be surprised if this actually did happen.

As much as you might hate Auburn fans or their obnoxiously unoriginal one second jokes, this is pretty pathetic. What did you expect to hear when you chose to eat out two hours after the Iron Bowl ended?

Good, bad, or awful, it's hard to argue with the passion in this rivalry.

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